The Basics Of Texas Liquor Law

When looking at Texas liquor law, you will notice that there is a surprising mixture of liberal and conservative laws. This has resulted in a number of contradicting laws which can be confusing to people who are not from Texas. It is important that you know the basics of Texas liquor laws if you are going to be visiting the state.

The Blue Law Restrictions

Image result for tabc There are a number of archaic blue laws that are still in place in Texas which restrict when and where you are able to buy alcohol according to a TABC expert Texas based. You will not be able to buy liquor from any store other than a liquor store and they will not be open on Sunday’s. There are also other holidays where the sale of alcohol is restricted including Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day.

However, it should be noted that you are able to drink alcohol on a Sunday before noon in a restaurant if the drink is accompanied by food. You should also note that it is legal to consume alcohol at 10 am on a Sunday if you are at a sporting event, a winery or a festival. Beer and wine can be purchased on a Sunday between noon and midnight, but you cannot buy any liquor that exceeds 17% ABV.

The Dry Counties

Prohibition was stopped around 80 years ago, but there are still some counties in Texas that practice this. The dry counties are scattered across the state and include Houston Heights. In these counties, all forms of alcohol consumption and purchase are illegal. However, when looking at these counties it is important to note that not all counties are completely dry. There are some that allow the consumption and sale of certain liquor such as beer while others only allow this in a restaurant.

Purchasing For Minors

While there are many archaic and antiquated Texas liquor laws, there are some more progressive ones as well. One of these laws relates to the purchasing of liquor for minors. Texas is one of the few states that allow parents to purchase alcohol for their minor children as long as the parents are visible. It is possible for parents to buy children of any age alcohol as long as they are around.

It is also possible for a spouse to buy alcohol for their underage partner. If one-half of the married couple is legal, both will be able to drink while together.