The Benefits of Using a Slide Rail Trench Shoring System

Safety is always going to be a priority on any construction site, and that especially includes areas where personnel will working below grade. When any type of excavation takes place, it is necessary to ensure that the area is secure and safe for people to work. The slide rail trench shoring system is one of the best ways to do so.

A slide rail shoring system has several different components that come together to form a very secure wall that will protect anyone who is in the trench. One of the top benefits of using such a system is the fact that it can be constructed while the excavation is taking place. Once excavation begins, the rails are put into place in the corners and the panels are lowered into place using a backhoe. The bucket of the backhoe can then be used to push them further into place.

Image result for Slide Rail Trench Shoring System is used is for laying pipeIn a slide rail system, there is more than a single panel that is being utilized. The fact that there is a secondary panel in front of the first one allows for the excavation to continue while at the same time, lowering the panels and protecting those who are already in the trenches.

Unlike other types of excavation methods, using the trench shoring product will allow the trench to remain at a consistent width during the entire construction phase. This is not only going to make for a better overall job, it also lowers the amount of force that is necessary to install and remove the panels and rails after the excavation has been completed. In addition, because the panels slide into place easily when the rails are installed, there is less vibration, resulting in very little settling within the trench.

One of the many reasons why this type of system is used is for laying pipe. This is another area where using a slide rail trench shoring system is to your advantage. The height of the panels is able to be continually adjusted while the pipe is being laid, providing a secure working space. The width is kept at an even pace by the use of distance pieces, which also help to shore up the trench walls as well.

Using such a system can help to increase the security of those who are working within the trenches. It also provides many other benefits that can save you both time and money when they are utilized properly.