Learning About The Risks Of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

While it is great fun listening to loud music, the truth is that it can cause hearing loss if you are exposed to loud music for too long. I read at http://beckerent.com/ that it doesn’t matter if you are listening to live music or listening to loud music through your headphones, the damage can occur all the same. Usually, sound is at safe levels, but when you play it loud, you run the risk for damage.

Noise-induced hearing loss can be immediate or it can take a long time to notice. All those live bands that you used to listen to when you were young could catch up with you once you hit 50 and you could find yourself with ringing in the ears and other symptoms. Hearing loss can affect both ears or just one.

All it takes is exposure to dangerous noise to end up with hearing loss. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, the damage can take place at any age. Even worse, it is so easy to damage your hearing, even from just one exposure. You can also damage your hearing by being exposed to loud noise on a regular basis like if you work in a woodworking shop.

Hunting and target practice can damage your hearing. Even riding a snowmobile can harm your hearing. Many people damage their hearing by listening to loud music through their headphones.

Very loud sounds can cause hearing loss, and the louder the sound, the faster your hearing can be damaged. Distance also plays a role in how fast your hearing can be damaged. The closer to the sound you are, the more risk you have of damaging your hearing. Try to avoid noises that are too loud, too long, or too close.

Your hearing becomes impaired when the hair cells that transmit sound in your ear are killed. They don’t grow back and once they are gone, they are gone. The difficult thing about controlling hearing loss is that you don’t know it has happened until it is too late.

If you do have hearing loss you will find that sounds become distorted and muffled. It could be hard to hear what people are saying and you might have to keep turning up the volume on the radio and TV to hear it. Eventually, you may need a hearing aid to hear things clearly.