All About Tinnitus Treatment at SCENT

Although it can be disturbing, tinnitus is not actually a diseases but rather a symptomatic phenomenon that occurs in the inner ear. Most often this is represented as a buzzing, hissing, fizzing or crunching sound.

Readon to learn more about our Tinnitus Treatment at SCENT. We have a variety of techniques for properly diagnosing and treating this condition that affects almost 10% of the adult population.

Following are some of the treatments we can provide at our first rate medical facilities.

Hearing Aids
If your tinnitus condition has been accompanied by a loss of hearing, you may find hearing aids will actually relieve the condition to a certain degree. Most medical practitioners will suggest a hearing aid for certain types of tinnitus, many of these devices will feature special tinnitus therapy features.

Noise Suppression
Those suffering tinnitus have also found relief in the use of special noise reduction or noise suppressing devices. These devices function similarly to your common hearing aid but will produce a precision tone or beat that works to cancel out the tinnitus condition. Your specialist will adjust the tone to match the condition by performing a variety of hearing tests.

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT)
This form of therapy seeks to apply cognitive behavioral techniques as well as a masking feature to train the individual to be learn to ignore and cop with their condition.

White Noise
Some people have noticed that their tinnitus is much worse when they are in a silent room. Many people who have this condition have found that placing a device that emits a white noise is an effective way to minimize the discomforts of this condition.

Because it is a symptomatic condition, your ENT specialist may find the underlying causes of your tinnitus and eliminate the problem at the root. This is often the best and surest route to tinnitus relief. Sometimes the problem is as small and innocuous as too much yellow waxy buildup in the auditory canal. Removing this can help the patient hear normally again.

Then there is also the possibility that your condition could be caused by certain medical treatments. If this is the case you will be able to talk to your doctor about recent medications you have just begun to take and see if any of these could be causing the problem.

Conclusion — Tinnitus Treatment at SCENT

Tinnitus is a condition that affects many people today, but often has a very simple solution. Stop by SCENT for a full state-of-the-art examination and treatment of your medical conditions.